A little SOMETHING about 4Leaf.

4Leaf Corp is a development company focused on environmental projects that create value for its shareholders and stakeholders by retooling old inefficient industries and re-purposing them to give them a new lease on life. Through concept to final execution, 4Leaf manages development, financing, engineering and marketing for a variety of different industrial applications.

Robson Valley Energy Centre (RVEC)

Project Elements

Robson Valley
A forestry-rich region of British Columbia.
Specialty Saw Mill
Raw Timber Production
Oversize log sawmill for 19 inch logs or larger.
Torrefied Pellet Mill
Producing over 140,000 metric tonnes a year.
Power Generation
15 MWe of biomass power production.
Initially planned for 10 acres for seedling and food production.
Rail Trans-loading
Rail yard capable of handling 150 cars per month.
Forestry License Area
Over 80,000 hectares of timber accessibility.

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